Funeral Care: Processes and Options

​1. When a loved one dies…

At home or in a nursing home

The first contact should be with the deceased’s doctor who, if satisfied with the cause of death will issue the Medical Certificate of Death. You may be asked to collect the certificate from the surgery, or if in a nursing home, staff should liaise with the doctor.

Contact us once the doctor has been informed.

In hospital

A doctor will issue the medical certificate of death, which you will need to collect along with any belongings. If the funeral is to be a cremation, please advise the hospital staff so that they can prepare the required paperwork.

Contact Affertons and allow us to gently guide you through the funeral arrangement process.


​The Procurator Fiscal (Scotland) or the Coroner (England and Wales) will generally become involved. If the deceased has not been under a doctor’s care on a regular basis, the emergency doctor, or any police involved, will inform the Procurator Fiscal.​​​

Contact Affertons as soon as possible. We’ll advise on the procedures involved and liaise with the Procurator Fiscal’s office.  Any Police involvement may delay the timing of the funeral.

2. Preparing for the funeral

  • Your loved one will of course be taken to our rest rooms.
  • We’ll advise on obituary notices and if required, place them on your behalf.
  • We can organise and print service/hymn sheets for a small charge.
  • We can recommend a trusted monumental sculptor on request.

​Affertons will take care of all statutory documentation for you, liaising with all other parties involved (i.e. clergy, organists, church officers, hoteliers etc.). 

Things to consider:

  • Will the funeral take place at the cemetery or crematorium?
  • Who will officiate? A priest, minister, celebrant or perhaps a family friend.
  • Will you require one of our limousines (we can carry up to seven passengers) or will family cars suffice?
  • If you wish to place an intimation in the newspaper/s, how will it read?
  • You may wish to consider floral tributes.

​All of the above and more, we will give guidance with as well as recommending ​trusted monumental sculptors and florists etc.

3. Arranging the funeral

There are no fixed options or ‘rules’ for funerals.
Affertons was formed by two independent Dundee-based funeral directors to help arrange appropriate funeral services for our diverse local community. Options vary in style and cost, yet remain consistent in the fundamental care and commitment necessary for any funeral service:

  • Simple, cost effective occasions
  • Traditional religious services
  • Alternative approaches

​Affertons can provide the information you’ll need to clearly understand all options available, and help you make the right choice.​

4. How much will it cost?

While costs vary according to your specific requirements, Affertons aims to keep costs low, so we can pass the low costs on to you.

​​As well as being able to share our years of experience and understanding of the processes and circumstances associated with funeral care, one reason for our business is to offer the most cost-effective and professional funeral care provider in the area. ​

Do not be afraid to phone around, you will be surprised at the vast difference in cost between funeral directors like for like.

Two elements make up the total cost of the funeral:

Funeral Director Charges

  • Arranging the funeral and taking care of all the necessary paperwork and statutory forms. (Professional fees)
  • Liaising with persons officiating and participating. (i.e. clergy, organists etc.)
  • Transportation of your loved one from where they have passed away to our rest rooms
  • Care of the deceased and use of viewing facilities
  • Provision of a purpose-built motor hearse and limousine if required
  • Provision of a fully furnished coffin of your choice
  • Arranging for all disbursements to be paid on your behalf

Third Party Costs

  • Crematorium fee which includes use of organ or Cemetery interment fee
  • Doctors fees for signing cremation forms. (Procurator Fiscals cases do not incur this cost)
  • Fees/donations to church, clergy or persons officiating
  • Organists and/or Beadles fees
  • Florists
  • Memorial accounts