How a Funeral Celebrant can help to say goodbye to a loved one

There a few more challenging things to do in life than plan a funeral for a loved one. Fortunately, there are many people who have a great deal of experience in dealing with these most difficult of days.

At Affertons, we have met many, many families who need a helping hand to guide them through the process and the various decisions that need to be made when planning a funeral.

A particularly poignant and meaningful part of the planning process, is considering what type of funeral ceremony you would like for your loved one. Today, many people who do not have any religious beliefs opt for a non-religious ceremony.

It can be daunting, the thought of asking a Funeral Celebrant, someone you or your loved one may never have met before, to speak about the person who has passed away. We can assure you that the Funeral Celebrants we work with Affertons are some of the kindest, compassionate and caring people who are expert at helping you give your loved one a farewell that is fitting and, often very cathartic.

As much as a Funeral Celebrant will guide you through the ceremony arrangements, it’s always reassuring to feel prepared for what’s to come. So you can feel as ready as possible, here are five things that a Funeral Celebrant will likely speak with you about when you meet them.

  1. The story of your loved one

A Funeral Celebrant will look to get to know who the person that has passed away was. This will range from their birthday and who their close family are to what football team they supported or their favourite food or places they’ve visited. If you have any special memories or anecdotes that you’d like to share, these can be hugely uplifting and special when remembering that individual. The Celebrant may ask to speak to a few of the person’s friends to build a picture of their life and really capture who they were as sensitively as possible.

  1. Any poems or readings

Choosing some comforting words are a meaningful way to remember a loved one. Often people choose a poem or even song lyrics that sum up or remind them of a loved one that has passed away. Whatever you choose, a reading can be a wonderful way to add a personal touch to the ceremony. If you’re having difficulty deciding on a reading, the Funeral Celebrant will be able to help you choose something fitting for the ceremony and to remember the person who has passed.

  1. A music moment

Often during a ceremony, some time is given to the people attending to reflect on memories of the person that has passed away. This can be a good time to play some music. Music can be such a powerful way to transport people to a moment, a feeling or to a person. Many people choose to play a song from an artist that the person who has passed away loved to listen to. It can also be a wonderful opportunity to play something uplifting. From Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ to Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’, music can bring a smile and remind you of happy memories. Again, the Funeral Celebrant will provide support on making a playlist that reflects your loved one perfectly.

  1. A splash of colour

You may wish to consider a dress code for the ceremony. While black is very respectful and traditional for a funeral, a burst of your loved one’s favourite colour can provide comfort and be another fitting way to remember a person, from a football colour to a vibrant scarf. The Funeral Celebrant will help you consider this and communicate this to people attending the ceremony.

  1. A unique way to remember

As part of a funeral, there are a great many ways to symbolise saying goodbye. For children, sometimes the letting go of a balloon or lantern can be very meaningful. Some like to plant a tree to symbolise new beginnings and have a place to visit and remember. A Funeral Celebrant can offer advice and help you find a way to say goodbye that will provide you with the most comfort.

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