Finding the right way to remember your loved one

After losing someone, a great deal of comfort can be found from finding meaningful ways to remember them and keep them close. There are many ways to do this, but the hard bit can be finding an option that best reflects the person that has passed away.

Here are some thoughtful ways to remember people and keep the memory of the things they loved to do alive.

For those who admired nature

A very popular way to create a lasting legacy for someone close is to plant a tree in their memory. What’s so very comforting about trees is the knowledge that they will endure and, more often than not, continue to grow and thrive long after our own lives. Planting a tree means your loved one’s memory and legacy can live on for many decades after their passing.

For those who had a favourite spot

Whether it’s a park, on a street or at the seaside, a memorial bench offers you a place to sit, reminisce and share their love of that particular place with others. Many find it a comfort to return to that spot to remember and reflect on the person who has gone.

For animal lovers

Perhaps the person who has passed away had a lifelong affinity with animals? Making a one-off donation to a charity like the Cats Protection League or the Dogs Trust, or virtually adopting an animal through the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is a meaningful way to honour a loved one while also doing something kind for their favourite animals.

For those who liked to help others

Volunteering for a cause that was close to your loved one can be very meaningful and cathartic. There are so many charities and organisations out there who would welcome your help, from collecting items for a Food Bank to taking on a sponsored run or walk in someone’s memory. This is also a wonderful way to meet other people who may have gone through something similar and will relate to your situation.

For those who had a unique hobby

Maybe your loved one had a passion for cycling or was an avid painter. Maybe they never missed their favourite band when they were touring. Whatever the hobby or pastime, learning about it or experiencing it can help you keep the person close while doing something positive and, in some instances, joyful. To find something that brings light in a very dark time can only be a good thing.

If you need advice or support after the loss of a loved one, we have a number of organisations and resources listed on our website. Click here for more information.